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Our Warranty

All small parts that will change including batteries, charging ports, speakers , microphones etc. have a Thirty (30) day warranty on our repairs and also a Thirty (30) day warranty against any manufacturing defects on the part(s) replaced. For example: you had an Android screen replacement. We warranty any screen discoloration, stars (bright patches in your screen), halos (white rings on the edge of your screen), and stripes (lives running across your screen) for 30 days. WE DO NOT WARRANTY screen breakage, screen abrasion, moisture or immersion in water and anything that suggests misusage of the device.

For Iphone Screen Repairs: We offer a full one year warranty on the Repair Service for Iphone screens.

For Iphone Replacement Screen parts: For the replacement screens, all of our iPhone screen replacement screens and LCD display replacements have a lifetime warranty against manufactured defects. If the phone is dropped, cracked, broken, or submerged in liquid this will void the warranty. Please note this lifetime warranty is only for Apple iPhone replacement screens. All other devices and manufacturers carry a Thirty (30) day warranty as mentioned above.

Before we return your device, we perform a full system test, making sure that all your functions work properly. So you can be sure that your getting the best service possible.