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Our Warranty

Any device that we work on, comes with a Thirty (30) day warranty against any defects. Of course, we only warranty the part we had replaced. For example: you had an iPhone 4 screen replacement. We warranty any screen discoloration, stars (bright patches in your screen), halos (white rings on the edge of your screen), and stripes (lives running across your screen) for 30 days. WE DO NOT WARRANTY screen breakage, screen abrasion and anything that suggests miss-usage of the device. Before we return your device, we preform a full system test, making sure that all your functions work properly. So you can be sure that your getting the best service possible.

Our Technicians

Our technicians are trained and certified to repair and troubleshoot cellular phones, and have extensive knowledge on how to repair and upgrade computer systems. Software repairs are difficult to warranty because of the nature of the repair. since software is very delicate, we request that once a software repair is done, to not try to replicate, reverse, or otherwise alter the repair. That way we can be sure that the repair/fix will be long lasting.