Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

  • The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, released in 2016, is a smartphone that revolutionized the way we think about phone design with its curved edge screen. It boasts advanced features such as wireless charging, an impressive 12-megapixel camera, and a speedy processor powered by Android’s intuitive user interface. Despite these impressive features, like any technological device, it has its limitations and potential issues. Understanding these can help ensure the longevity of your device and make necessary repairs more manageable.

Issues with the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

  • Users of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge have reported several common issues. Battery life can be a significant concern, with some users noting a decrease in battery performance over time. Screen display problems, such as dead pixels or discoloration, are also not uncommon. Despite the device’s advertised water resistance, damage from liquid exposure remains a potential risk. Connectivity issues, such as Wi-Fi disconnections or Bluetooth pairing problems, have also been noted.

Screen and Battery Replacement

  • If you’re facing issues with your screen or battery, it’s possible to replace these components yourself, though it requires patience and precision.
  • For the screen, start by turning off your device and removing the SIM tray. Then, heat the back cover of the phone to loosen the adhesive. Carefully lift the back cover using a suction cup. Remove the screws securing the motherboard and disconnect the display connector. You can then remove the old screen and replace it with a new one. Reassemble your phone in reverse order.
  • For the battery, follow the same initial steps to remove the back cover. Disconnect the battery connector and remove the screws securing the battery. Using a plastic tool, carefully pry the battery up and away from the phone. Place the new battery, reassemble your phone, and you’re good to go.
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  • While the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is a robust and feature-packed device, it’s essential to understand its potential limitations and how to address them. If you’re not comfortable performing these repairs yourself, it’s always advisable to seek help from a professional. By doing so, you can ensure the longevity of your device and continue to enjoy its many features.

What Is Repair Do You Need With Your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge?


Screen Repair

Back camera doesn’t work

Back housing/cover

Water damage

Bluetooth/pairing issue

Wifi issue

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